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Honing & Restoration Services

Step 1. Pick and Buy

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1. HONING                                          $25

This Service is one of the best in value!

With this service, we can reset the bevel of your straight razor, hone your razor, and tighten pins if loose. This service does not include chip removal or rust removal. This service is for razors that are in good condition.

2.RUSTIC RESTORATION                      $65

The Rustic Restoration is the cleaning and honing package that leaves non-functional flaws alone while removing rust and reestablishing an amazing shaving edge. This is a great package for "grandpa's" razor.


If you razor is of poor quality, such as the ones listed on the FAQ PAGE, or if your razor has significant wear or malformations that would prevent service, we will send the razor back with a refund and explanation.

If you have a razor that looks like the ones below, I need you to send me an email with pictures so I can get you a custom quote!

Oil For your Razor?

Ballistol Oil is hands down the best oil for straight razors!



This is the same oil we put on all of our razors, razor we service  and razors that we restore.

This is also perfect for long term storage as the oil does not resinify or harden!

At 4 oz this is a small can but a little goes a long way!

Step 2. Ship


To send your razor you need to first place it in a small USPS Priority Mail box with adequate padding and the PACKING FORM

All you need to do is ship it!


*Insurance is recommended


You will get your razor back all new and better then ever!