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Razor Shop:

Build To Order!

These razors come shave ready!

Step 1. Add a razor!

First Step is to add the razor to your cart, then scroll down and add all the options you would like! Don’t worry the price is the same no matter what!


B.T.O. Details: The razors are a quarter hollow 11/16ths blank ready for you! Hardness is a Rockwell 62. Steel is 01 high carbon tool steel, The razor will have the profile like the ones in the pictures! Nice lines and a thumb notch to boot! Shipped to you in 5 to 7 weeks from order!

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Step 2. Pick your spine!

Crazy or Beautiful? Well that's up to YOU!

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Baby Marks




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Step 3. Pick Your Wood & Point!

Now just pick the material you would like! All are beautiful, what will you choose?

The wedge will be a nice contrast to the scales!

Black Wood

Point Style

Thank you for your order! Your razor will be shipped in five to seven weeks from the time the order is placed! If you have any questions please see the contact page!

~Nathan Zowada 

Please Note: If you are ordering a custom razor, or BTO razor there are no refunds unless:

  • Otherwise agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

  • Manufacturing defect that prevents shaving documented by buyer that cannot be fixed by the seller.

  • Issues that prevent shaving, such as heat treatment, and malformations in the steel that are beyond repair. All these to be determined by the seller. These issues determined in good will by the seller will be refunded. Issues caused by or due to the buyer, mishap, personal taste, and/or negligence will not be refunded.