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Here is a simple list of questions you might have!


Q: What service do I need?


A: If you don’t know that is okay! Just send us an email, and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.


Q: What is your "Address and Shipping Policy?" 

A: If you want to ship your razor to us we ask that you make sure that your billing address and your shipping address on checkout are the same. Also, if you fill out the service form we require that the address that you used at checkout via PayPal or debit/credit card matches the address you provide on the form. By default, we will always ship to the address you provide to PayPal.  


This not only protects you as the patron but also us at the same time. If you are getting something serviced as a gift and want to ship it to another address please make a note on the Service Order Form.


Q: What type of razors do you hone?


A: We can hone anything that is serviceable! With that being said, we cannot hone anything made in China, India, or Pakistan.  This includes:


  • Cheap Damascus Razors

  • Gold Dollar Razors

  • Titian Razors

  • Selective Razors 

  • Jacob Ray Razors

  • Fromm Razors

  • Mehaz Razors

  • Cut Throat Razors

  • Krieger razors

  • Gierson & Forstoff Razors

  • Master Razors

  • Velvet Forge Razors

  • Sweeny Todd razors

  • Razors sold on Amazon

  • Unbranded razors of any kind


If you are not sure just send us an email: and we can tell you!


Razors that have extensive hone wear, malformation, or razors that you’re not sure about, just send us an email! It’s easy and free! Razors that have orange rust we encourage you to select the “rustic” restoration service.



R.S.O. Stands for: Razor Shaped Object.


This simply means although it might look like an excellent razor it’s nothing but a glorified butter knife.


One of the best ways to spot them is by price. For instance, If you see any Damascus razor on Etsy or eBay more than likely it’s a “fake” razor, and/or any razor that says “Sweeney Todd”, “Replica”, "Cut Throat" "Velvet Forge", "Keriger", "KC Shave" or any razor that you can buy on Aliexpress, Alibaba, or Amazon for under $100 is more than likely a R.S.O.   


Other giveaways are lots of brass on the scales, thick scales, the edge of the razor resting on the scales when closed etc.


If your razor looks like the ones in video and pictures or any of the blades that you see when you click on them, we cannot service them because they are not real Straight Razors.


Q: How do you hone your razors?


A: We use natural and synthetic Waterstones to hone your razor, then after that they get stropped and oiled up! It’s all done by hand, and we take care to make sure your razor comes back to you sharper then you sent it!


Typical process:

  • Reset the bevel. (if needed, most dovo, and TI blades need this)

  • Use 3k to 4k to refine.

  • 8k and 12k to polish.

  • Chromium Oxide to micro polish.

  • Stropped and tested.


Q: My razor was amazing when it came back, but after the 2nd shave it was tugging really bad!


A: Yes, this is a widespread problem with some cheaper razors on the market today. A lot of razors are not heat treated well. That means the steel is not hard enough to retain the amazing edge we just put on it. We are so very sorry, but with mass produced razors this is a frequent problem. If we notice that this could be a problem, we will send you a note but we are not liable.


Q: Why do you use tape?

A: We use vinyl tape to protect the razors shoulder when it is being honed from being worn down. This tried and true method also protects the spine work, gold plating, and other embellishments during the honing process! We hone all razors including NS brand razors with tape for best practice, no exceptions.


Q: If I just buy scales and not the honing service will my razor be sent back honed?

A: If you would like it honed please add that to the cart before checkout.


Q: How long does it take to get my razor back?

A: When we get your razor, we do our best to get it done in a timely manner. It takes us 7-15 business days to get your razor done. We receive a large volume of razors each week, and because honing is not a “fast” process if done correctly it takes some time!

Do you have more questions not covered here? Send us an email!