Address and Shipping Policy

If you want to ship your razor to us, we ask that you make sure that your billing address and your shipping address at checkout are the same. Also, if you fill out the service form, we require that the address that you used at checkout via PayPal or debit/credit card matches the address you provide on the form.  By default, we will always ship to the address you provide to PayPal


This not only protects you as the patron but also us at the same time. If you are getting something serviced as a gift and want to ship it to another address, please make a note on the Service Order Form.

Please Note: If you are ordering a custom razor, BTO, or any N.S. razor there are no refunds unless:

  • Otherwise agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

  • Manufacturing defect that prevents shaving documented by the buyer that cannot be fixed by the seller.

  • Issues that prevent shaving, such as heat treatment, and malformations in the steel that are beyond repair. All these to be determined by the seller. These issues identified in goodwill by the seller will be refunded. Issues caused by or due to the buyer, mishap, personal taste, and/or negligence will not be refunded.

  • All razors are honed with tape, no exceptions. 

  • By clicking checkout, you are agreeing to these terms.

Remember: If you are selecting a honing or restoration service please include the "PACKING FORM"

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