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~Nate Zowada

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I believe, for the shaving person, you need to have the BEST tool for the job, no tricky do-dads or quadruple blades. You need an outstanding blade for that smug-mug of yours, something that you can control the way you want to. Something that screams your style. Something that is you. The sad fact is, most razors out of the box can’t live up to the “best shave” that the large manufacturers claim. That's where I

come in.

I provide you that ability to shave like you truly want to.



Like my honing service My Nate’s Straights razors are 100% made by myself.  They are uniquely designed, lending themselves to more traditional razors of the past, but with all of benefits of modern science. I take pride in making razors that are truly like no other. Every razor is unique. Just for you!

It’s the little things that matter.


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The honing service is 100% hand done by Me. A razor maker. No mystical mumbo jumbo, no shortcuts. The honing is done in a way that leaves the razor serviceable for decades to come. Letting you enjoy it for as long as you have it.


You won't get a "blah" honing, or a razor that makes you feel like you just wasted all your $$$ on the first shave. It means you get the best for your money. Plain and simple. No gimmicks, no regrets, no razor burn. Just shave with pride and perfection.

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